Top 10 Pokemon Go Catching Tips: Catch Pokémon Efficiently!


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Ever run into a Pokémon you just gotta catch, only to waste all your Poké Balls? Mastering Pokemon Go catching tips is essential, which is especially helpful when encountering rare Pokemon or during events. So we bring this guide here and will show you 10 tips for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Hope it can help you catch more Pokemon, accelerate your progress and level up your trainer.

tips for catching Pokemon

Part 1: 10 Pokemon Go Catching Tips

Below, we have mentioned the top 10 tips for catching Pokemon Go. Try them one by one to get better results.

1Walk Around, Find & Track Pokémon

Walking around is the first and most effective way to catch a Pokemon in your area. With the help of a Pokemon Map, you can see which types of Pokemon are in your area. The map will show all the nearby Pokemons and their locations. Walk around your area and find new Pokemons effortlessly. The game uses a special algorithm to determine which type of Pokemon are available in your area. It considers the types of elevation, nearby landmarks, and terrain.

2Spoof Location with iMoveGo

The next tip for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go is to use a location spoof program. Pokemon Go uses the player's GPS location to determine which types of Pokemon can be found in the player's current location. However, with the help of GPS fakers like iMoveGo, you can change your location and easily catch more Pokemon in different spots.

To do this, simply download Wootechy iMoveGo, then you can fake your GPS location without getting caught and freely teleport to any spot in Pokemon Go. Additionally, you can simulate GPS movement with customized speeds and routes to prevent being detected. If you want to catch a rare Pokemon that isn't available in your location, then with this program, you can fake your location there and start catching.

Further, more than a tool for catching Pokemon Go, iMoveGo works with all location-based apps, such as WhatsApp, Tinder, Grindr, Snapchat, Find My, Life 360 and many more.

iMoveGo:Best tool for catching Pokemon




  • Easy to fake locations in Pokemon Go, all with a single click.

  • Offers a Joystick to explore the world and find more Pokemon.

  • Auto walk in Pokemon Go.

  • Cooldown Timer to prevent changing locations too frequently.

  • Provide PokeStop Map to discover more items.

  • Plan and follow Pokemon Go routes with preferred speed.

  • Support up to 10 devices at the same time, including iOS and Android.

  • Pause or restart the virtual location at any time.

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Steps to use WooTechy iMoveGo to catch Pokemon

Step 1: Install Wootechy iMoveGo from its official site and launch the program. Click on Get Started. Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer using a USB Cable. The first time you use it you need to connect it via USB, after that you can also choose WiFi for a wireless connection.

complete connection to use iMoveGo

Step 2: A Virtual Map will appear on your screen. Now select the Teleport Mode available in the upper right corner. Now, choose the location where you want to catch the Pokémon; click on the Move option. Then, you'll be able to teleport next to Pokémon.

change location to catch pokemon

Step 3: The top right corner allows you to switch between different modes to change the position. For example, to discover more items and Pokemon, you can select Joystick Mode, which allows you to control the fake GPS movement 360 degrees.

use Joystick to explore pokemon items

Plan Pokemon Go routes with iMoveGo

By clicking on the Pause/Start button, The route can be stopped or restarted at any time. There will also be a prompt to tell you when the Pokemon route is complete.

complete route

Step 3: You can also import/Export the GPX file to follow Pokemon routes even though they are not nearby.

import/Export the GPX file

3Catch Combos Pokemon

Catch Combos are your running streak of Pokemon of the same species that you have caught in a row. For Example, if you’ve caught five Geodude in a row, you will have a 5X Catch Combo. This will increase the amount of XP, and the higher the Catch Combo you get, the higher your chances are of catching rare Pokemon.

4Earn Items from PokeStop

The floaty blue bricks you notice on your map are known as Pokestops. These are landmarks where players can visit and earn different items such as Pokeballs, eggs, and more. Tips on catching Pokemon Go by using a PokeStop are simple: try to earn more items from PokeStops, so when you catch a Pokemon, you never run out of Pokeballs and other items.

Earn Items from PokeStop

5Land Better Throw

You may have noticed that while catching a Pokemon, you get Great or excellent Throw bonus. That’s because you have landed the perfect throw and hit the Pokemon with your Pokeball within the shrinking yellow circle. The Yellow ring is more than an idea of where to throw the Pokeball. This yellow ring is the target for getting a throw bonus.

Land Better Throw

6Use Berries strategically

If you're in the middle of capturing a Pokemon and you've thrown Pokeball after Pokeball and still haven't been able to catch that Pokemon, then you have to throw the Pokemon a delicious raspberry.

Razz Berries are used to catch rare Pokemon, which are hard to catch with the Pokeball. You can purchase Razz Berries with in-game money, but you can also earn Berries from PokeStops. With the help of Berries, players can easily catch rare Pokemon.

Use Berries strategically

7Pokemon Go Auto Catch

If you have a Pokemon Go Auto Catch device, you can catch a Pokemon automatically. Auto Catch is a feature introduced shortly after the game's release. The tools with this feature provide you with on-screen alerts and notifications about the Pokemon and nearby items available. Players can grab the available item by tapping on the Auto Catch button. You can purchase the Pokemon Go Auto Catcher on online platforms such as Amazon at reasonable prices.

8Keep incubating Eggs

One of many rewards from PokeStops includes eggs. These eggs come in five standards: 2 km, 5 km, 7 km, and 12 km. The 2, 5 and 10 km eggs are rewards from spinning PokeStops. Gifts from friends can obtain the 7KM eggs, while the 12KM eggs are collected by killing a Team Go Rocket Boss. While taking a walk, ensure to put the egg in the incubator. Once you complete the Kilometers your egg will get hatched and a new Pokemon will appear on your screen.

9Make Use of Lures and Incense

Someone has attached a lure if you notice pink petals falling around a PokeStop. A Lure means that Pokemon will be attracted to the area for 30 minutes. Ensure to make use of Lures and Incense to catch Pokemon. This is one of the best Pokemon Go Catching Tips. The trainer's name will appear on the screen who donated the lure, so you can try to thank them. On community days, lures will last for three to four hours.

Make Use of Lures and Incense

10Walk with Buddy

The last tip for catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go is to walk with a buddy. Pikachu was Ash's buddy. The bond between Pokemon and trainers is not only adorable, but it has many benefits. To add a buddy in Pokemon Go, head to the main trainer’s profile and choose the buddy option from your dashboard. Here, you can choose any Pokemon as your walking partner. Walking with your buddy will help you earn candy for its species, which will help you get something different as well.

Part 2: Extra Tips for Increasing Rare Encounters in Pokemon Go

As we all know, encountering rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go is a matter of chance. However, there are some strategies you can take to increase your odds to find rare Pokemon.

Weather Boost: Certain Pokemon receive a weather boost during specific weather conditions, making them more common and easier to catch. For example, during foggy weather, Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon, which are often considered rare, have increased spawn rates. Similarly, snowy weather boosts the appearance of Ice and Steel-type Pokémon, some of which are rare encounters.

Event Raids and Research: During in-game events, Community Day, Raids and Research often showcase Legendary and rare Pokémon. Engage in these special Raid Battles or complete Research tasks to increase your chances of encountering and capturing these exceptional Pokémon.

Nesting Locations Some Pokemon have nest locations that change periodically. These nests see an increased spawn rate of a specific Pokemon specie. In these areas, specific Pokémon spawn more frequently than usual. While rare Pokémon can occasionally appear in nests, they are not the primary focus. However, players can increase their chances of encountering rare Pokémon by visiting nests during events or themed rotations when specific rare species are featured.

pokemon go Nesting Locations


Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile games ever; since its launch, it has grabbed millions of players. In this game, trainers work hard to catch Pokemon. We have mentioned the top 10 Pokemon Go catching tips to make it easy for you. With the help of these tips, you can easily catch rare Pokemon without wasting any Pokeball.

Further, if you want to fake location in Pokemon Go, we recommend you use WooTechy iMoveGo. This program allows you to fake your location on all location-based programs and apps, such as Pokemon Go. iMoveGo has an easy-to-use interface, which makes the fake location process easier. It includes features like a Cooldown timer, customized route and time, joystick movement and more.

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