The Best 5 Free Voice Changers in 2024


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A voice changer allows you to modify your voice in real time or in pre-recorded audio files. You can make your voice sound like someone else to prank friends, enhance your content creation, or surprise your gaming buddies with a different voice. No matter what you want to use them for, the top 5 free voice changers in this article will help!

Here, we have reviewed their features, Pros and Cons. I believe you will find your most suitable voice changer for free.

top 5 free voice changers

I. WooTechy SoundBot

WooTechy SoundBot is a free voice changer for PC that offers over 250 voice filters and 600 voice sound effects for real-time voice transformation. With SoundBot, you can switch between various characters like Ghostface, Cartoon voice, celebrity voices, and even alter your gender.

This tool is compatible with popular live chat, streaming platforms and gaming applications such as Skype, Discord, Fornite, TeamSpeak, and Steam.

It uses a virtual microphone to change the voice for Free, while also supporting modify the voice by uploading audio file. Besides, there are many options to customize your voice based on your preference.

Additionally, WooTechy SoundBot offers free voices every day and new voices are released regularly!

    WooTechy SoundBot: The Best Free Voice Changer




    • 600+ built-in sound effects and 250+ voice Filters on the Soundboard.

    • Real-time voice changing with various voice effects.

    • Supports input device selection, which enables users to choose their preferred virtual audio device to change their voice.

    • 400+ voice memes are available. (Also support uploading or editing voice memes.)

    • Keybinds to control different voice filters freely.

    • Support exporting the audio file to different forms.

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Follow the Steps to Change Your Voice For Free with WooTechy SoundBot

Step 1. Download and install WooTechy SoundBot on your PC for free. Run the program and select the microphone used by SoundBot as the input device option in the program.

soundbot setting

Step 2. Once done, in the interface, you should see a VoiceBox. Here you can find more than 250 voice filters that allow you to change your voice sound like Mario, Mickey Mouse, Scream Ghostface, Robot, male to female and so on. Choose a preferred one, speak to your Microphone and you can change your voice in real time.

soundbot voicebox

Step 3. Click “SoundBoard” and you will get more than 600+ voice effects to enrich your voice. Here you are also available to import your voice effects.

soundbot voice effects

Step 4. To change your voice to sound like a celebrity, such as Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Elon Musk or Morgan Freeman, simply choose “Celebrity” in the left bar. Choose the celebrity voice that you want to fake, and start to changing your voice for free.

soundbot ai voice change

    Tip: You can also change the voice in an audio file and then export it.


  • Support AI Voice change.

  • Real-time support across platforms.

  • A large number of free voice effects and update new weekly.

  • Highly immersive sound alteration.

  • Freely customize the voice.

  • Can add keybinds for sounds to use them without interrupting or jarring the audio.


  • Available for PC without mobile application.

  • Enjoy 5 random free voices per day. But a little cost is required to unlock all voices without limitations.

II. Voicemod

Voicemod is a software designed for gamers, content creators, and virtual YouTubers that enables you to modify your voice with various voice effects such as a robot, demon, chipmunk, or gender-changing effects. To use Voicemod, users need to download and install the software, select their microphone and headphone devices, and configure their target program's voice settings, such as Discord.


  • A large number of voice effects.

  • Easy to use.

  • Low memory usage.

  • Integration with other software.


  • Only for Windows users.

  • Offer free version but paid for additional features.

  • Specific effect limitations.

Voicemod voice changers

III. VideoProc Vlogger

To be precise, VideoProc Vlogger is a free video editing software that is developed by Digiarty Software. It offers a variety of tools and features for users to create professional-looking videos such as cutting, merging, and cropping. It also provides a visualized audiogram for precise audio editing, a 10-band audio equalizer, and sound effects. It is available for PC, including the M1 chip. It allows users to alter their voice using preset options. For voice changing, its sound effect is not as much as WooTechy SoundBot and VoiceMod. But for the free option, it can be one of the best voice changers free.


  • Wide Range of Editing Tools.

  • Fast Video Processing.

  • 4K Video Editing.

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility.


  • Limited voice effects and audio editing.

  • No Cloud Storage Integration.

  • Limited customer options.

VideoProc Vlogger voice changers

IV. is a cloud-based AI voice generator that provides speech recognition and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities for various industries. The platform utilizes machine learning algorithms to convert audio into text and then applies NLP to analyze the text for sentiment, intent, and other key features.

The company offers both pre-built and custom solutions that can be integrated into different applications, including virtual assistants, call centres, and transcription services. The platform is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of speech recognition and language processing, allowing organizations to provide more personalized and responsive services to their customers. However, as with any AI platform, there may be limitations to its accuracy and effectiveness in certain contexts.


  • Natural Language Processing Capabilities.

  • Customizable Solutions.

  • Cloud-Based Platform.


  • Free trial but relatively high in custom solutions.

  • Dependency on Internet Connection.

  • Limited Language Support.

  • Limitations in Complex Conversations. voice changers

V. Clownfish

Clownfish is a voice changer software for Windows that can be used to modify your voice during voice calls or recordings. The software integrates with various chat applications, including Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak, and others. Clownfish offers a range of voice effects, including pitch shift, robot, male/female, and more. Overall, it is a lightweight and user-friendly application that can be useful for individuals who want to add some fun to their voice calls or recordings.

However, as with any voice changer software, there may be limitations to its effectiveness and compatibility with certain applications.


  • Can be integrated with various chat applications.

  • Customizable Voice Effects.


  • Limited Voice Effects.

  • The audio quality is not as high as some other voice changer software, especially when using more extreme voice effects.

  • Compatibility Issues.

Clownfish voice changers

Our Verdict

In conclusion, there are many free voice changer software options available that offer a variety of features and effects. Each has its disadvantages and advantages.

However, after researching and testing some claim to be the best free voice changer, I have found that WooTechy SoundBot stands out as the top option. It offers a wide range of voice effects and customization options, including real-time voice changing during games, live streams, online chatting, calls and recordings. Additionally, the software is user-friendly and provides high-quality audio output.

While other free voice changer software options may have their own advantages, we believe that WooTechy SoundBot offers the best balance of features, usability, and audio quality for those looking to experiment with voice changing.

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