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Detailed guides and solutions about bypassing activation lock, removing screen locks, fixing iOS issues, recovering iOS data, upgrading/downgrading iOS, managing WhatsApp data, changing location on iOS/Android, etc.

  • What to Do If iPhone Cellular Data Keeps Turning Off

    If your iPhone cellular data keeps turning off then there are different methods you can use to fix it. This article outlines the causes and solutions to this.

    By Daniel Oct 24, 2022
  • Bringing Your Dead iPhone X/11/12/13/14 Back to Life: The Right Way

    Here are top 6 methods to fix dead iPhone. If you don't want to purchase a new iPhone or spend much money repairing it on Apple store, here can help you out.

    By Daniel Oct 24, 2022
  • Why Does My iPhone Keep Dimming? Here's the Answer

    If your iPhone keeps dimming and it isn’t caused by auto brightness then this article will help. This article explains the causes and 11 solutions to this.

    By Daniel Oct 24, 2022
  • [2023] 7 Best Ways to Fix iPhone Yellow Screen

    Have you noticed that your screen has a tint of yellow? Perhaps it is broken, or it is something you can fix, find out here how to resolve iPhone yellow screen.

    By Daniel Oct 21, 2022
  • iOS 16 Update | 6 Fixes for Text Messages Disappeared from iPhone

    Are you facing the iPhone text messages suddenly disappeared issue? Don't worry. Learn to fix and how to get missing messages back here.

    By Barton Oct 20, 2022
  • [100% Useful] How to Fix iPhone Volume Button Not Working

    Is your iPhone volume button not working? Can't turn the volume up and down? Here will tell you all you need to know about fixing the iPhone volume button.

    By Daniel Oct 20, 2022
  • Top 5 Download FRP Tools - Thorough Study

    The article will introduce you 5 download FRP tools to solve the locking issue.

    By Catherine Oct 19, 2022
  • Locked Out of Samsung Phone? 6 Ways to Help You Out of the Woods

    If you are locked out of Samsung phone, this article will introduce you 6 ways to solve the problem.

    By Catherine Oct 18, 2022
  • iPhone Camera iCon Missing After iOS 16 Update? Fixed!

    If you are facing iPhone Camera icon missing issue, then stay calm because it is a common issue. Keep reading this article to learn the best ways to fix it.

    By Barton Oct 18, 2022
  • [3 Useful Way] How to Factory Reset iPhone Without Password

    In this article we will comprehensively guide you about the best solution if you want to know about factory resetting iPhone without passcode.

    By Barton Oct 17, 2022
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