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Repair 150+ iOS/ iPadOS/ tvOS Without Data Loss

Phixer helps fix all types of iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues without Apple iTunes - which may erase your data, in a high success rate. With it, you can repair your device back to normal no matter it's your iPhone stuck in recovery mode, iPhone black/white screen, iPhone frozen on lock screen or iPad boot loop etc.

  • iPhone Unable to Complete Data Transfer

  • iPhone Stuck in Recovery Mode

  • iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

  • iPhone Stuck in Spinning Circle

  • iPhone White Screen

  • iPhone Black Screen

  • iPhone Overheating

  • iPhone Frozen Screen

  • iPhone Won't Turn on

  • iPhone Lagging

More iOS Issues

Fix iOS Update Issues

Having trouble before/while/after updating to iOS 17?

Use iPhixer to troubleshoot them all at once!

Stuck on Install Now

Describe why your iPhone stuck on software update and how to fix it getting your iPhone out of Install Now screen.

Learn more

Unable to Install iOS

Explain why you can't install the latest iOS and tips to fix iOS software won't install issue.

Learn more

Unable to Verify Update

If you're unable to verify update iOS, then it's probably caused by iPhone systems problems.

Learn more

Stuck on Estimating Time Remaining

When you update your iPhone, you may encounter iOS update stuck on estimating time remaining issue.

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Update Taking Forever to Download

There are many reasons behind iOS updates not downloading. If your iPhone update taking forever to download, here are fixes.

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Upgrade & Downgrade iOS As You Want

No need for iTunes! You can upgrade or downgrade to all iOS/iPadOS/macOS versions that your device supports with iPhixer.

Upgrade or Downgrade from
without jailbreak


You can smoothly transition to the latest iOS version without relying on iTunes, and there's no need to worry about your device becoming unresponsive during the update.


The software will present an inclusive inventory of the iOS firmware versions that Apple is currently supporting. You have the flexibility to opt for the one that suits your needs for downgrading iOS.

Keep in mind that a downgrade won't be possible if Apple has ceased endorsing the IPSW file.

Why Choose iPhixer to Upgrade & Downgrade iOS?

No Developer Account

You don't need Developer Account or iTunes to downgrade/ upgrade iOS profile.

No Jailbreak

iPhixer guarantees a secure environment for downgrading.

No Data Loss

iPhixer will have no impact on your device's data or settings unlike using iTunes.


iPhixer can automatically identify the relevant IPSW files without needing you to enter recovery mode.

High Efficiency

iPhixer can swiftly revert from iOS 17 to iOS 16 or any other desired iOS version in mere seconds.

Straightforward Instructions

A comprehensive list of the firmware versions that Apple currently validates will be dispalyed, making the downgrading easier.

One-Click to Enter/ Exit Recovery Mode

Stuck or won't go in Recovery mode? Don't worry. With this fast and free function of iPhixer, you could get your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in/out of recovery mode through one simple click, with no data loss.

Reset iOS Devices with/without a Password

iPhixer offers two reset modes, Standard Reset and Hard Reset. Both will erase all the content and settings on your device. If you remember the screen lock password and don't want to install the latest software, you can use Standard Reset. Otherwise, you can try Hard Reset.

The Best Alternative to iTunes

iPhixer enables you to update/restore iDevices without iTunes, so as to avoid various types of iTunes error codes like 4010, 4013, and 4005. Moreover, it won't cause any data loss on your devices.

Why iPhixer Is the Best iOS Repair Tool?

100% Security

iPhixer has been developed by a professional team. It will invade no privacy.

High Success Rate

iPhixer promises a high success rate to bring your iOS/iPadOS/ tvOS devices back to normal.

Fast and Money-Saving

Equipped with high technology, iPhixer fixes all iOS/iPadOS/ tvOS issues with the fastest speed and without contacting the Apple store.

Ease of Use

With a user-friendly interface and several simple clicks, you can fix your iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues by yourself more conveniently.

Repair Your iOS/ iPadOS/ tvOS Device in 3 Steps

iPhixer is a one-stop solution for fixing over 150 system issues on iPhone/iPad/Apple TV with no data loss while maintaining a high success rate.

  • Step 1:

    Select a repair mode

  • Step 2:

    Download the firmware

  • Step 3:

    Fix your iOS/iPadOS/tvOS device

You Are in Good Hands

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If you find that your iPhone or iPad is stuck on the Apple logo, has a white screen of death, is stuck in recovery mode, is unable to install updates, has a frozen screen, is lagging, trapped in a reboot cycle, or keeps restarting, you can solve it by using a professional iOS system recovery tool like WooTechy iPhixer.

WooTechy iPhixer je poměrně šikovný all-in-one nástroj pro řešení iPadOS, iOS a tvOS problémů, aniž bychom přitom přišli o naše cenná data. Prakticky se tak jedná o nepostradatelný software pro opravu iOS zařízení. Jedná se totiž o jeden z nejefektivnějších softwarů, který si poradí s řešení prakticky jakýchkoliv obtíží.

WooTechy iPhixer poznat je po svojoj izvrsnoj učinkovitosti, jednostavnosti rada, potpunoj kompatibilnosti i sigurnosti.

Sim, é com elevada certeza que é possível afirmar que o WooTechy iPhixer afirma-se neste ano de 2022 como um dos melhores e mais eficazes softwares de recuperação do iOS.

Ao selecionar uma ferramenta de reparo do sistema iOS, você deve pensar em recursos poderosos, segurança, acessibilidade, compatibilidade, suporte técnico, taxa de sucesso, facilidade de uso, download e atualizações gratuitas. A WooTechy iPhixer pode ser aquela ferramenta que salva o seu dia.

It's a wonderful product and the customer service is indeed friendly. I bought iPhixer and it has done a pretty good job so far. The customer service is also very responsive to my queries.

Thanks to iPhixer, I finally got my device back after a long search for a repiar tool. It met all the requirements I needed. It solved my problem real quick. Great tool!

Amazing software. It got a bunch of great features and it's also very easy to use. FANTASTIC! Highly recommend it.

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FAQs for iPhixer iOS System Repair

Is iPhixer safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to download on Windows and Mac. It has been approved by well-known totally safety software like Norton and McAfee. Besides, it supports all iOS/iPadOS/tvOS devices and versions including iPhone 15 and iOS 17, so it will not cause any damage to your devices and computers.

What kind of iOS issues can iPhixer fix?
What's the difference between the free trial and the full version?
Why do you need to put your device into DFU/Recovery mode?
5. Will WooTechy iPhixer erase data on Apple devices?
More FAQs about Repairing iOS System

WooTechy iPhixer - A Reliable iOS System Repair Tool

1 simple step to get your iOS devices back to normal! Try it now!

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