• [2023 Full Guide] How to Fix iPhone Not Receiving Group Texts

    If your iPhone is not receiving group texts, then is may be caused by the wrong notification settings or some other software bugs on your device. Fix it here!

    By Daniel Jan 04, 2023
  • iPhone Keeps Beeping? Here Are Top 8 Solutions

    iPhone beeping is mostly caused by the iPhone system bugs, which leads to some apps stucks, then the iPhone keeps beeping all the time. Here are 8 ways to fix it.

    By Daniel Jan 03, 2023
  • [2023 Newest] The Best Free Alternative to ReiBoot

    There is the best ReiBoot alternative to help you fix all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch ad Apple TV issues.

    By Daniel Dec 27, 2022
  • [2023 Top 6 Ways] to Fix iPhone Stuck on Restore Screen

    Is your iPhone on the restore screen for a long time? Check out this article to fix your iPhone stuck on restore screen with 6 best methods.

    By Daniel Dec 23, 2022
  • Google Calendar Not Syncing with iPhone? Here's Top 5 Solutions

    If your Google calendar not syncing with iPhone, then it may indicate that there are some software glitches with your iPhone system. Here's top 5 ways to fix it.

    By Daniel Dec 20, 2022
  • [2023 10 Quick Fixes] iPhone Disconnects from WiFi When Locked

    iPhone Disconnects from WiFi When Locked can be fixed by rebooting the device or using an official iPhone software fixing tool, which must be effective.

    By Daniel Dec 08, 2022
  • Top 10 Solutions on How to Make iPhone Run Faster

    When your iPhone is used for a long time, it will run slower and slower. Here're top 10 methods on how to make iPhone run faster.

    By Daniel Dec 02, 2022
  • [Top 7 Ways] How to Fix iOS 15/16 Not Showing Up on iPhone

    Have you ever met iOS not showing up on your iPhone device? It may be caused by your iPhone software bugs and other wrong settings.

    By Daniel Nov 29, 2022
  • Your iPhone Could Not Be Activated? -- Here're Top 8 Ways

    If "your iphone could not be activated because the activation information could not be obtained" problem happens, look at this article to help you fix it.

    By Daniel Nov 28, 2022
  • Why Is Shortcuts Not Working iPhone -- Here're the Top Solutions

    To fix iPhone shortcuts not working you need to offload shortcuts app and reinstall it. Besides, you need a useful iPhone repair tool to fix theiPhone systems.

    By Daniel Nov 28, 2022
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