Transfer WhatsApp Between Android & iPhone Instantly

No Limitation Transfer WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business data between iPhone and Android devices (iPhone to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to iPhone, Android to Android) without limitation.

Widely Compatible WhatsMover works seamlessly with iPhone and Android tablets/phones, including all major brands like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi, and more.

100% Secure All files will be protected during the whole transfer process and data privacy is ensured. All messages will appear on the new phone once the transfer is complete.

All Data Included Supports the transfer of all WhatsApp data, including contacts chat history, photos, videos, contacts, and other attachments from your old phone to a new one.

Your Must-Have WhatsApp Backup Solution


Unlimited & Free Storage

Tired of the limited storage with official backup methods? WhatsMover allows you to back up WhatsApp data on Android & iPhone to your computer without any storage or OS limitation.


Easy to Use

It takes only 2-3 clicks to create a backup of WhatsApp data to either a PC or Mac, and you can easily access, relocate, and export the backup files to HTML, PDF, CSV, or XLS formats you want.


No Data Loss

Your valuable data is always safe with WhatsMover. The backup files are kept in seperate folders and won't be overwritten or automatically deleted.

Restore WhatsApp Backup to Android/iOS Without Restrictions

Need to restore some files from an old WhatsApp backup?
Try to restore backed up WhatsApp messages to new iPhone or Android phone?
WhatsMover breaks the OS limitations and makes WhatsApp recovery easier than ever!

Download & Restore Google Drive Backup

Directly download the WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to PC and preview the content.

After that, you can restore WhatsApp chats from the Google Drive backup to either your iPhone or Android, with no limitations on the WhatsApp account and operating system at all.

backup restore download
Restore from WhatsMover Backup

In one click, you can restore any backup created by WhatsMover to your Android or iOS device. This program also allows you to preview the backup data in detail.

Restore from iTunes Backup

WhatsMover is able to scan your iTunes backup, thus allowing you to efficiently export and restore WhatsApp data from the iTunes backup.

Export WhatsApp Data As You Like

WhatsMover allows you to export single or all WhatsApp data and read them in any format you like!

  • Export WhatsApp chats to HTML format and read them just like they appear on the phone.
  • Export WhatsApp messages to PDF/CSV/XLS format and read them as a log file.
  • Extract WhatsApp chats, images, contacts, etc. without a limitation of 40000 messages.

Handle Extensive WhatsApp Data Types

From chats to contacts to media files, WhatsMover helps to transfer, backup, restore and export all types of WhatsApp data between different operating systems with ease!















Manage WhatsApp Data in 3 Steps

  • Transfer WhatsApp
  • Backup WhatsApp
  • Restore WhatsApp
  • Export WhatsApp
  • Step 1: Connect Your Devices Launch WooTechy WhatsMover and select Transfer mode.Connect both your Android mobile and iPhone to the computer.

  • Step 2: Choose a WhatsApp Type and Start Transfer Choose the type of your WhatsApp on the screen and WhatsMover will start transferring immediately.

  • Step 3: WhatsApp Transfer Completed Wait for the transfer process to complete. It won't cost much time, all transferred data will appear on the destination device after that.

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800,000+ Users Choose WhatsMover

Have used an iPhone 11 Pro for a long time and decided to change for a new one, unfortunately I hadn't taken any backup because of limited space on my iPhone. Using WhatsMover, I was able to transfer all my chats, photos, etc. to my new phone. It's definitely worth the buy!
icon_review Joanaa

Ok, I was looking for an easy solution to transfer all my WhatsApp messages to a new phone, tried a few solutions but they didn’t work. So I decided to give WhatsMover a shot, and it worked! All my messages emerged on my iPhone within a few minutes, love it!

I recently switched my samsung S7 to iPhone 12, but was a bit worried about transfering my WhatsApp data.THANKS to this product and the great support team, my whole whatsapp chats got transferred, safe and sound.

WhatsMover takes some time to transfer all messages because I have around 5GB data, but it finished successfully. The thing I loved most is how easy the program is to use, be sure to give it a try.

WooTechy WhatsMover

Transfer, Backup, Restore & Export WhatsApp Data With Ease!

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee
100% Secure
Transactions Protected
Serving Millions of Users

FAQs :

1. Is it safe to use WooTechy WhatsMover?

The answer is a definite YES, it is 100% secure to operate WhatsMover.
WooTechy complies with GDPR and other data processing regulations to protect data from unauthorized access. Furthermore, it won't affect other data stored on your devices.

2. How long does it take to transfer WhatsApp data between two devices?

The specific time depends on how much WhatsApp data you want to transfer and your computer’s performance capabilities. It might range from several minutes to over an hour.

3. Can I restore an Android WhatsApp backup to an iPhone?

Sure, the largest advantage of WhatsMover is that it breaks OS restrictions. You can restore Android WhatsApp backups to iPhones, or iPhone WhatsApp backups to Android devices.

4. How do I restore WhatsApp chats from Google Drive backups on an iPhone?

First, download the WhatsApp chats from your Google Drive backup with WhatsMover, then decrypt the content. After that, you can directly restore this backup from the computer to your iPhone without limitation.

5. Do I need to uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp for restoring the backup files?

There is no need to go through this trouble. Using WhatsMover, you can directly restore WhatsApp data to your device, although the original data on your phone will be replaced by the backup files.
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